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Karate Kid actor was ‘knocked out’ during feud with rival co-star


The actors’ feud eventually made the film even more enjoyable to watch as they went toe-to-toe in real life.

The Karate Kid Part III hits channel 4 screens this afternoon at 1:15pm. While Daniel LaRusso was pitted against a new enemy in the third film in the franchise, his actor, Ralph Macchio was still on bad terms with his former on-screen rival: William Zabka.

Zabka played Johnny Lawrence in the first two films in the franchise, the brutal bully who would not leave LaRusso alone, and frequently beat him up.

Zabka and Macchio met for the first time on the set of the first movie, but they did not hit it off. In fact, they reportedly disliked one another, to the point where they made it difficult to shoot scenes together.

The Guardian revealed: “When filming began in California, Macchio and the actor who played his tormentor, William Zabka, never fully warmed to one another.”

Eventually, things got extremely out of hand, and Macchio got injured.

The Karate Kid had a feud (Image: COLUMBIA PICTURES)

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